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How to choose stainless steel grinding wheels for cylindrical grinders

Aug 30, 2020

The main goal is to choose a wheel with good self-sharpening properties for the external cylindrical grinder to grind stainless steel. Generally, a wheel with a low hardness is good, but the hardness cannot be too low, otherwise the abrasive particles will fall off without being blunt. In order to reduce the adhesion of the grinding wheel during grinding, coarse-grained grinding wheels should be used. Use No. 36 and No. 46 granularity for rough grinding and No. 60 granularity for fine grinding. The choice of grinding fluid must take into account the two functions of lubrication and cleaning, and the supply is sufficient. Emulsions with low surface tension and extreme pressure additives can be selected to obtain high surface quality.

The choice of grinding amount of cylindrical grinder can be determined according to the machining allowance. When the grinder is grinding stainless steel, reducing the adhesion and blocking of the grinding wheel is an important factor in improving the grinding efficiency. The grinding wheel should be frequently trimmed during processing to keep the cutting edge sharp. When grinding stainless steel, the use of GC grinding wheels can improve the grinding efficiency.

During the experiment, it was found that the structure of the grinding wheel and the bonding agent have a certain influence on the grinding process of stainless steel. At present, it is limited by experimental methods and needs further study.