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How can the semi-automatic cylindrical grinding machine be operated safely?

Jun 20, 2017

Operation regulation

Before starting, you should check the equipment according to the equipment inspection card content, grease the grease according to the lubrication chart of the equipment, and check the oil content of the grease.

Run the pump, should check the system pressure, lubrication pressure, the table reciprocating movement for 5 minutes, the exhaust cylinder air, in order to eliminate crawling.

When operating, the blocks on the worktable should be adjusted. After adjustment, the work speed should be fine adjusted. The diamond tool point and the axis of the grinding wheel should be adjusted before the grinding wheel is repaired.

When working, check the relative position between the grinding wheel and the workpiece first, so as to avoid bumping into the workpiece.

When working, check the lubrication condition of the machine tools first, and lubricate them before they can be produced.

When working, the equipment has abnormal sound, should stop inspection immediately.

The cooling liquid should be kept clean, no cooling liquid in hydraulic oil.

Safety operation procedure

Check whether the wheel is cracked and check the relative position between the wheel and the workpiece so as to prevent the workpiece from bumping into the workpiece.

Reciprocating should be sensitive, reversing is not on time, to adjust the iron block.

When measuring the workpiece, wait until the grinding head stops and the grinding wheel exits.

When triming the wheel, the person should stand on the side and manually feed for the first time.

In case the grinding wheel breaks or no water, the engine should be stopped immediately.


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