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Grinding requirements and notices of internal grinders

May 06, 2017

The internal grinder can effectively choose the right Said shaft and grinding wheel in the process of grinding wheel according to the diameter of the conical bore small side and the depth of the inner bore during the operation.as well as effective installation, rotating the table, angle is a half angle of the taper hole.

MK2120 Automatic measurement   CNC internal grinding machine.jpg

The internal grinder do the knife grinding test in the tapered holes at both ends of tapered holes, can effectively adjust the equipment table according to the error value, the equipment adopts vertical grinding  to grind the taper hole, and detected by a special tool, and then effectively adjust the angle of the work table according to the situation.

MS-2  deep hole internal grinding machine.jpg

Internal grinder must turn the work table to the corresponding angle position at the time of grinding tapered hole, and then adjust the stop distance, these two operating steps cannot be reversed, because once the angle position has deviation, as well as the grinding position of the grinding wheel.
To grind the larger cone angle, the grinding head can not deviate too far from the table, otherwise,it will cause the wheel rack shake can not be in or back.

MS-3 semi-automatic  CNC  CNC gear deep hole internal grinder.jpg

The grinding fluid of the internal grinder is mainly used to reduce the temperature, which can effectively improve the quality of the machined surface, as well as the grinding efficiency, and effectively prolong the service life of the grinding wheel.
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