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Grinding process and inspection requirements for CNC tool cutter grinder

Apr 23, 2019

The CNC tool cutter grinder needs to check the mechanical, electrical, and vacuum protection parts and the work, quantity, and fixtures before driving. When replacing and dressing the grinding wheel, the diamond must be sharp and the height should be consistent with the center line of the grinding wheel. Wear protective goggles and a mask when handling.

During the grinding process of the CNC tool cutter grinder, the grinding wheel is not allowed to stop midway before leaving the work. It is forbidden to install tools that do not conform to the taper or have burrs on the surface. When using the bracket, check the connection of the bracket to the work surface and the lubrication of the work surface.

When the CNC tool cutter grinder enters the tool, the pressure of the grinding wheel and the workpiece will gradually increase and it will not advance. When grinding the special tool during the grinding process, the baffle must be placed at both ends, and the direction of the grinding wheel should be noted, and the operator should stand on both sides.