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Grinding principle of multifunctional compound grinder

May 25, 2020

Internal hole grinding and cylindrical grinding are two different grinding methods.

The inner hole and cylindrical grinding of workpieces with an outer diameter of less than 300mm are generally carried out on two machine tools with completely different structures and layouts; internal grinding requires the use of a grinding wheel with a size smaller than the inner hole of the workpiece to be inserted into the workpiece for grinding The inner wall of the right side of the workpiece and the grinding wheel are in contact with each other to produce grinding.The steering of the workpiece and the steering of the grinding wheel should be smooth grinding (the direction of the tangential linear speed of the grinding point should be the same) .Adjust the support so that the eccentricity of the workpiece is in the third quadrant, Workpiece grinding can get better results;

For cylindrical grinding, a large grinding wheel with an outer diameter greater than the size of the workpiece is on the outside of the workpiece. Generally, the left side of the grinding wheel is in contact with the outer wall of the right side of the workpiece for plunge grinding, and the support of the workpiece is adjusted so that the eccentricity is in the fourth quadrant. The steering and grinding wheel steering are also performed in a smooth grinding mode, and the grinding effect is better;

The workpiece support layout of internal hole grinding and external cylindrical grinding is symmetric and opposite, the fulcrum area of the workpiece overlaps, and the steering of the workpiece axis is opposite;

The outer cylindrical grinding support method keeps the grinding wheel rotation unchanged, only changing the direction of the workpiece shaft. The small grinding wheel cuts into the inner wall on the left side of the inner hole of the workpiece. Can I grind the inner hole? Completely, because it is also smooth grinding Grinding method, and at this time only need to use a set of workpiece support tooling, the eccentricity is adjusted in the fourth quadrant, only need to change the workpiece motor steering, and change the workpiece motor steering only need to set a transfer switch on the electrical control. In this way, the inner and outer surfaces of the medium-sized bearings can be ground separately on a single machine tool.