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Grinding method of high-precision cylindrical grinder

Dec 07, 2020

End face grinding: Remove the rotating cover of the work spindle head, replace the three-jaw or four-jaw chuck to change the position of the positioning pin to make the chuck rotate, and fix it at 90° for end face grinding.

Inner diameter grinding: The inner diameter grinding attachment grinds the inner diameter, as long as the inner diameter grinding spindle is pulled down and fixed at the grinding position to grind.

Diameter Grinding: In small-volume production, automatic feed and non-spark timer can be used to obtain good grinding quality. In mass production, the two-stage automatic feed and two-stage measuring instrument can provide good output and grinding effect.

Transverse diameter grinding: Automatic intermittent feed and hydraulically driven worktable enable effective transverse diameter grinding of the workpiece.

Inclination grinding: The work piece can be supported by a chuck or two top centers. Both the worktable and the grinding wheel head can be rotated and adjusted easily.

Shoulder grinding: When the outer diameter of the work piece and its shoulder grinding are to be completed at one time, the work piece is supported by two top centers and the grinding wheel is refitted on the right side of the grinding wheel head and rotated at an angle to be ground.