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Grinders, Centerless grinders and differences and problems

Apr 05, 2017

Centerless grinding machines, and related articles from the front view, the level of understanding achieved by the, still did not meet the requirements, and there is still some distance, so to speak, this work must go on, couldn't stop. So, just make some free time today, then take advantage of this opportunity to take advantage and, in order to make full use of, and all of the harvest.

Question 1: centerless grinding machine, grinding machine with the General what is the difference?

Centerless grinders, grinders, it belongs to, can be said to be using more of a grinder. However, compared with the ordinary grinding, there is a difference, primarily for grinding is to center the hole location, and Centerless grinder is not. In addition, the efficiency is higher than that of ordinary grinding centerless grinding machine.

Question 2: when centerless grinding machine, grinding wheels, Roller blade, how are these three?

When centerless grinding wheel is mainly play a role in grinding, guide pulley is driving, braking, idle, three roles, Blade, is a braking effect. The relationship between these three, simple to sum up, is that they are controlled, which wheel is dominant.