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General-purpose Internal grinding machine M250A

May 17, 2017

General-purpose Internal grinding machine M250A

Grinding diameter: φ150-500mm

Maximum grinding depth: 450mm(the machine can be customized if it is deepened

Swing diameter of work piece inside the shell: φ510mm

Swing diameter of work piece outside the shell: φ725mm

Maximum rotation angle of headstock: 15° 20°

Rotating speed of work piece: 28/38/57/160/212/320 r/min

Rotating speed of grinding wheel: 2450 / 4200 r/min

Total power of machine tool: 8.92kw

Power of work piece motor: 1.8/1.8/2.5kw

Power of grinding wheel motor: 5.5kw

Overall dimension: 3860x1600x1850mm

Weight of machine tool: 4550kg

Power supply used by machine tool: 3N-50Hz 380V


Processing precision

Roundness of inner hole: 5μm

Cylindricity of inner hole:5μm

Surface roughness of inner hole: Ra0.63μm


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