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Four methods and operation requirements for grinding of semi-automatic CNC internal grinding

May 22, 2019

When the semi-automatic CNC internal grinding machine is manually operated near the grinding wheel, such as grinding tools, cleaning workpieces or grinding wheel correction methods, the worker's hand may be injured by the grinding wheel or other moving parts of the grinding machine. The noise generated during grinding can be up to 110dB or more. If no noise reduction measures are taken, it will also affect health. The plate and the support base, the movable pressure is set on the support plate, and the support base and the movable pressure plate are provided with compression cylinders.

Semi-automatic CNC internal grinding refers to the processing method of using abrasives and abrasive tools to remove excess material on the workpiece. According to the purpose and requirements of the process, the grinding process has various forms. In order to meet the development needs, the grinding technology is moving towards precision. Low roughness, high efficiency, high speed and automatic grinding direction. There are many forms of grinding processing methods. In the production, grinding is mainly carried out by grinding wheels. For the convenience of use and management, the grinding processing method is generally divided into four ways according to the grinding processing form of the grinding machine product and its processing object:

1. According to the grinding precision, coarse grinding, semi-finishing, fine grinding, mirror grinding, super finishing.

2. According to the feed form, the cutting into the grinding, longitudinal grinding, slow-feed grinding, no feed grinding, constant pressure grinding, quantitative grinding.

3. Grinding belt grinding according to grinding form, centerless grinding, end grinding, peripheral grinding, wide grinding wheel grinding, profile grinding, profile grinding, oscillating grinding, high speed grinding, strong grinding, Constant pressure grinding, manual grinding, dry grinding, wet grinding, grinding, honing, etc.

4. According to the machining surface, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, surface grinding and sharpening (gear grinding and thread grinding)