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Feed unit and spindle assembly of numerical control grinding machine

Aug 18, 2017

The wheel line speed of the CNC grinding machine at work is 30~60m/s, the highest rotation speed of the spindle can reach 15000r/min, the spindle unit of CNC grinding machine is the hub parts of the grinding machine, its high speed and high precision unit system has good rigidity and high rotary accuracy.  
CNC grinding machine has low power consumption, small temperature rise and long service life, bearing spindle unit equipment often adopts move bearings, hydrodynamic bearings, hydrostatic bearings, message bearing with high precision, more and more use of electric spindle unit.  
CNC grinding machine is very suitable for complex shaped parts, can realize the computer control, eliminate human error and can achieve the accuracy of compensation and optimal control requirements through the computer software.
The effective use of the NC machining equipment, to a certain extent, can effectively increase the characteristics of flexible, flexible processing is not only suitable for many varieties, small batch production, but also suitable for mass production, it can complete the alternation of two or more different parts processing, increased the function of automatic work piece transform.

MKF2110 Multi-function CNC compound    Semi-automatic CNC   All-purpose grinding machine.jpg

MKF2110 CNC grinding machine

CNC grinding machine can realize the unattended operation effectively at night, it is mainly composed of several flexible manufacturing system of CNC machine tools, and it has more flexible automated manufacturing systems, including processing, assembling and testing etc.  
CNC grinding machine is a combination product of machinery manufacturing technology and information technology, on behalf of the technical level and development trend of modern mechanical equipment, focus on breaching the CNC system, the development of popular type, improvement of the reliability,internal and external integration, mainly to me,the realization of China's machine tool industry data control.

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