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Features of roughing, finishing and finishing

Aug 27, 2020

Rough machining process

The process of cutting most of the machining allowance from the workpiece to make its shape and size close to the requirements of the finished product is a rough machining process. Its processing accuracy is low, and the surface roughness value is large. It is generally used for the final processing of less demanding or non-matching surfaces, and it is also used as the pre-processing of the grinding machine.

Finishing process

The process of cutting away less machining allowance from the rough machined surface and making the workpiece achieve higher machining accuracy and surface quality is the finishing process. If the surface of the workpiece does not have particularly high requirements, finishing is often used as final processing.

Finishing process

It cuts a small machining allowance from the surface of the finished workpiece, and obtains a high machining accuracy and a small surface roughness value. Methods such as super finishing and polishing belong to the finishing process.