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External cylindrical grinder structure

Nov 22, 2019

The significance of M1432A number is: M-grinder type; 1-cylindrical grinder group; 4-system code name of universal cylindrical grinder; 32-110 of the maximum grinding diameter, the maximum grinding diameter of the machine is 320mm; A-A has made a significant improvement in performance and structure.

The grinder bed is the basic supporting part of the grinder, on which the grinding wheel frame , the worktable , the head frame , the tail seat and the transverse sliding saddle are installed on it, so that these parts can maintain an accurate relative position when working. An oil pool inside a bed used as hydraulic oil.

The head frame is used to install and clamp the work piece and drive the work piece to rotate. The head frame rotates 90 °counterclockwise in the horizontal plane.

The internal grinding tool is used to support the grinding wheel spindle of the inner hole, and the internal grinding tool spindle is driven by a separate motor.

The grinding wheel frame is used to support and drive the grinding wheel spindle with high speed rotation. The grinding wheel frame is installed on the sliding saddle, and when it is necessary to grind the short cone, the grinding wheel frame can be adjusted to a certain angle position (±30 °) in the horizontal plane.