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Error compensation and grinding wheel dressing in CNC grinding machine

Jul 27, 2017

Drive error and compensation technology

Transmission error mainly refers to the manufacturing precision of transmission chain and transmission clearance, the error compensation method of CNC system software, can not make any improvement in the mechanical part of the machine, so that the overall accuracy of significant progress. The precision software error compensation technology has two meanings to improve the accuracy of CNC machine tools. First, it combines with the progress of manufacturing accuracy, and makes the overall accuracy of CNC machine tools rise to a new level. Two is in the machine tool numerical control transformation software error compensation, in order to realize the cheap machine tool accuracy promotion.

Grinding wheel dressing

Robotic arm compound grinders.jpg

MKF2115 multi-function Robotic grinding

In grinding process, the grinding state of grinding wheel is one of the main factors that affect the quality of grinding. In the grinding process, the abrasive particles gradually become blunt and lose the cutting ability. If grinding continues, the friction between the grinding wheel and the work piece will be increased, and the quality of the grinding will decrease obviously. This is mainly due to the passivation of abrasive, grinding wheel surface and wheel shape distortion caused by blocked, so the real-time detection and timely dressing of the grinding wheel state, ensure the grinding quality is of great significance.

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