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Dust washing device and grinding speed of stepped grinding machine

May 31, 2019

The stepped grinding machine can be directly used for mechanical scraper and manual scraper grinding. The special grinding wheel design has no pressure feeling on the abrasive belt, no distortion of the scraping rubber, no corrugation phenomenon, ensuring grinding precision. Grinding angle To match the performance of various special printing.

The stepped grinding machine is used in the fashion to have a dust-washing device, which can reduce industrial pollution, and is beneficial to the health of the staff and the maintenance of the equipment. The automatic grinding machine, high-speed grinding machine and precision grinding machine are easy to operate and can be operated without professional technology. Grinding machine shift control method, the grinding process has three stages, namely, the start stage, the formal stage and the end stage. At the beginning stage, the grinding tool rotates at a speed, the official stage rotates at a constant speed, and the end stage rotates at a speed, which is characterized in that At the beginning of the grinding process, the acceleration of artificially controlling the rotational speed of the grinding tool increases from zero to fast. When the rotational speed of the grinding tool rises to half of the official grinding speed, an inflection point occurs in the change of the acceleration, and the acceleration of the rotating speed of the controlling tool is controlled by The large value decreases from fast to slow until the grinding speed reaches the official grinding speed, and the acceleration of the grinding speed decreases to zero.