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Dual-measure automatic on-line detection method for automatic measurement grinding machine

May 17, 2019

In the process of grinding the bearing ring, the automatic measurement grinding machineadopts two-point on-line inspection. In addition to detecting the grinding surface, it also detects the opposite surface of the grinding surface, detects the thermal deformation in the non-ground surface, and changes the thermal deformation size. , automatic compensation to the CNC system. The dual-measurement automatic detection software is programmed in the numerical control system, and the data measured by the two probes are analyzed and calculated, and the results are interpolated into the grinding program to control the size of the product during the grinding process and improve the grinding of the product. Dimensional accuracy and grinding efficiency. 

The measuring method of the automatic measurement grinding machine is to reciprocate the outer diameter of the bearing on the grinding machine, according to the setting of the grinding size, the measuring procedure of the measuring needle of the measuring instrument is called a plurality of times during the grinding process, and the measuring point of the grinding measuring point is measured. Grinding the size, after the measurement is completed, call the measuring program of the stylus 2 of the measuring instrument, measure the dimensional change caused by the temperature change of the auxiliary measuring point, call the compensation size program according to the measuring result of the stylus 1 and the stylus 2, and determine the next The amount of secondary grinding and grinding to the target size.