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Don't be afraid of these problems when using a cylindrical grinder

Dec 12, 2020

You may encounter different problems when using a cylindrical grinder. The following are the causes and solutions of common problems. I hope to help you.

Problem 1: When the grinder is grinding, the workpiece is easy to bend.

Reasons: 1. The amount of grinding is too large during cylindrical grinding; 2. When the grinding machine is grinding, the supply of cutting fluid is insufficient;

Solutions: 1. Appropriately reduce the amount of back-grabbing of the grinder; 2. Ensure sufficient cutting fluid supply.

Problem 2: The two ends of the workpiece are large in size and are saddle-shaped.

Reasons: 1. The grinding wheel of the cylindrical grinder is too little over the end surface of the workpiece; 2. The dwell time of the workbench is too short; 3. The top is too tight when grinding the slender shaft; 4. The pressure of the center frame horizontal support block is too large;

Solution: 1. Correctly adjust the position of the reversing striker on the worktable, so that the grinding wheel is 1/3-1/2 of the width of the grinding wheel beyond the end surface. 2. Tangent adjustment of the workbench stay time; 3. Adjust the pressure. 4. Correctly adjust the position of the horizontal support block of the center frame.

Reasons: 1. The residence time of the reversing table of the grinder is too short; 2. The grinding wheel Solution: 1. Extend the stay time of workbench reversing. 2. The grinding wheel of the grinder should be corrected in time to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece grinding.