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Does the rigidity of the Internal grinding machine affect the machining accuracy?

May 17, 2017

Rigidity of the Internal grinding machine tool refers to the ability of the parts to resist deformation when the grinding machine is subjected to external force (grinding force). That is, in the same grinding force, the smaller the component deformation, mean the greater the rigidity is. On the other hand, the component deforms greatly, indicating that the part is less rigid. These deformations destroy the original geometric accuracy of the grinding machine and will cause the machining error of the work piece. Therefore,if the rigidity of the machine tool is good, the processing accuracy is high.

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Does the thermal deformation affect the Internal machining accuracy? The influnces from

The internal grinder heat distribution is not uniform, the heat of the movement of various parts is different, affects from external heat source to the various parts are not the same, because of different material, the coefficient of thermal expansion is not the same, Resulting in micro deformation of the different parts of the machine tool, It reduces the original geometric accuracy, influences the machining accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, the precision grinding machine is best installed in a constant temperature chamber, so as to prevent the influnces from the change of temperature to the accuracy of machine tools and workpieces.

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