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Does the geometrical accuracy of the internal and cylindrical grinding machine affect the machining accuracy?

May 13, 2017

The geometrical accuracy means the motion accuracy and position accuracy of each part under the condition of no load. It is impossible to make machine tools absolutely accurate, and there are always more or less unavoidable errors. This error will be reflected in varying degrees to the work piece processing,and then affect the processing accuracy of its workpiece. The radial runout and axial runout of the main shaft, the moving straightness of the moving parts such as the worktable, the position error and transmission error of the working parts, etc..

MD1332 Two grinding wheel    Multiple grinding wheels  cylindrical grinder  external grinder.jpg

The grinding wheel spindle radial runout and axial runout and grinding headstock motion error, not only affects on the surface roughness after grinding, will also make the roundness error and end surface runout ofthe workpiece, create an uneven grinding spark. When the worktable moves on the less vertical surface,it affects the straightness of the work piece’s generatrix. The grinding wheel spindle center line of cylindrical grinder and internal grinder has unequal height with the shaft center line of the workpiece headstock, in the grinding of inner and outer cone, the generatric is hyperbola. The center line of the spindle of the grinding wheel is not parallel to the moving direction of the worktable, which affects the straightness of the end face of the workpiece after grinding. The transmission error of grinding machine affects greatly the machining accuracy of thread grinding and gear grinding.

MS-2  deep hole internal grinding machine.jpg

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