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Do not loosen during grinding on cylindrical grinder

Feb 24, 2021

The cylindrical grinder is a cylindrical grinder with simple structure, convenient operation and adaptability. It is suitable for grinding inner and outer cylindrical and conical workpieces. It is suitable for single-piece, small batch and batch production workshops.

The rotation of the workpiece, the outer grinding wheel, the inner grinding wheel, the oil pump and the cooling are respectively rotated by independent motors. The headstock motor adopts a permanent magnet DC motor to realize stepless speed change of the workpiece through the motor speed control board. The longitudinal movement of the machine tool table can be steplessly rotated by hydraulic pressure, or can be rotated by a hand wheel. The lateral feed movement of the grinding wheel carriage has several forms of hydraulic rapid movement, automatic periodic feed and manual feed.

Safety operating rules for cylindrical grinders:

1. The installation of the new grinding wheel should be light. At the same time, put a soft cushion about one-third smaller than the diameter of the grinding wheel, and lightly hit it with a wooden hammer. It can be started after there is no noise. The operator stands by the side of the machine, and runs for ten minutes without deflection and vibration before it can be used.

2. The machine tool should be cleaned, and the position of the handle and stroke limit stop should be checked before driving.

3. When the grinding wheel is quickly approaching the workpiece, it should be shaken by hand, and carefully observe whether the workpiece has protrusions and depressions.

4. The geometry of the center hole should be checked for the workpiece used. If the cylindrical grinder is incorrect, it should be corrected in time, and it is not allowed to loosen during the grinding process.

5. When the flat grinding table is used quickly, pay attention to its end point. When the magnetic force of the workpiece with a small contact area is not easy to attract, a stop must be added, and the grinding of the disk should be stopped immediately when the suction force of the disk is weakened.