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Do a good job of regular inspection of high voltage fiberglass electroscope

Mar 17, 2019

high voltage fiberglass electroscopes are tools used to check whether high-voltage lines and electrical equipment are energized. They are the basic safety tools commonly used in substations. The high-voltage glass fiber electroscope consists of metal working contacts, small bubbles, capacitors, handles, etc. Electro-inspection is one of the important technical measures to ensure the safety of workers in all electrical equipment that is out of power or partially blackout.


Each time a high-pressure glass fiber electroscope is used, it must be tested to confirm that there is no problem before it can be used. When testing high-voltage lines, the operator must wear insulated gloves with the pressure requirements, and there should be special personnel on the side; the safety distance between the human body and the charged body should be sufficient. Generally, the safety distance between l0kV and below should be greater than 0.7. m. Handle the handle, but do not exceed the guard ring to prevent electric shock.


Carefully inspect the insulation of the high-voltage glass fiber electroscope and the glass cover of the xenon lamp. Power-checking part of the power frequency AC withstand voltage test. The upper power frequency voltage is 25kV, lasting for about 1min. If the withstand voltage test is qualified, it can be added between the contact end of the electroscope and the capacitor. If no flashover discharge phenomenon is found, the power inspection part is used. Hand-held partial pressure test.