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Different work pieces can be machined by CNC internal grinder

Oct 20, 2017

Analysising on the current situation, in fact, CNC cylindrical grinding machine has become one of the commonly used grinding equipment, and played a very important role. From a structural point of view, NC internal grinder can be seen as machinery consisted of a circular structure, it is mainly using the head stock to complete the movement along the saddle in the operation .

That is to say, during the operation of the CNC Internal Grinder, the work piece to be machined is in a fixed state, and then the grinding wheel rack moves along the guideway of the lathe bed for longitudinal reciprocating motion. The control system provided by the equipment can realize two axis linkage interpolation control. The CNC system can also automatically detect, diagnose, and issue alarm tips for running faults. In addition, the fault will be recorded for reference.

In practical work, CNC internal grinder performance is very good, because it can complete the grinding of several surface of the work piece in once clamping at the same time, especially when machining step hole and its end will highlight its superiority. In addition, the equipment is equipped with a fixed wheel dresser, so it has good rigidity, and can be quickly truing and dressing of the grinding wheel.

In addition, in the structure layout, CNC cylindrical grinder also has a great advantage. The two axises are both driving the ball screw through the servo motor, as well as the linear guide, so it can realize two axis linkage, to ensure that the whole operation period to reach the gapless linear motion and high sensitivity requirements.

Finally, give some introduction on the grinding wheel axis of the CNC internal grinder, the distribution is high frequency electric spindle, and is driven by static frequency converter, so the electric spindle can be stepless speed regulation in a certain range. In short, for users,CNC Internal Grinder speed control is very simple and convenient.

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