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Development trend of CNC cylindrical grinding machine

Sep 29, 2017

In practical application, CNC cylindrical grinder has become one of the most widely used important equipments. In order to meet the needs of future use, its development direction can be summarized as the following four aspects:
First of all, in the future work, energy conservation and environmental protection requirements of CNC cylindrical grinding machine from users will be further enhanced. That is to say, green production is the first direction of its development. In short, we hope to better control its green indicators in the production process. This requires constant improvement in its accuracy, speed and efficiency. At the same time, it also needs to reduce the consumption and reduce the waste emission.
The second aspect is intelligence. This is because with the development of technology, production in the future work, it requires not only can improve the working efficiency of the equipment, but also hope to enhance the reliable performance and stable performance of the CNC cylindrical grinder as much as possible. At the same time, it should be able to automatically analyze its working state and processing process, so as to ensure the optimal machining accuracy.

MKF2110 Multi-function CNC compound    Semi-automatic CNC   All-purpose grinding machine.jpg

MKF2110 Multi-function CNC compound grinding machine

The third aspect is personalized customization, in general terms,in the future development, CNC cylindrical grinder will be gradually transformed from low-end batch production into customized manufacturing. Because of high quality equipment can not only meet the user's normal production needs, but also be able to adapt well to the special process requirements, then we need to strengthen the research in this area, in order to better play its role and value.
The last aspect is the gradual realization of the combination of soft and hard. Although the CNC cylindrical grinder used now is just a production equipment, in the future work, it will just be a contact in a joint factory network, we need to combine the production management system and material management system such as the grinding wheels, and so as to achieve the common development.