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Development points of fixture for CNC Internal Grinder

Apr 07, 2020

In order to develop the fixture of CNC Internal Grinder

The following four points must be achieved:

The manufacturing industry which looks clumsy now also needs to pay attention to the coarseness, the fineness and the more and more accuracy. The machining accuracy and the intelligent level of the CNC internal grinder are constantly adapting to the modern processing needs, so the related CNC fixture must keep up with the pace.

1、 First of all, in the design of fixture structure of grinding machine, the precise fixture structure includes three claw self centering chuck, multi tooth chuck, etc. in the structural design of fixture, we should give full play to the subjective initiative to realize the development of machining towards higher precision.

2、 The fixture of high efficiency grinder should be able to meet the requirements of high-speed machining, and reduce the auxiliary time of fixture to the greatest extent, so as to improve the efficiency. Ensure continuous production with machinery instead of manpower.

3、Universality in order to reduce the overall production cost, we must reduce the cost of the fixture itself. Therefore, the grinder fixture should develop towards the direction of universality. In other words, it is necessary to formulate processing standards suitable for all kinds of fixtures, so that the grinder fixture can become a standardized grinder supporting equipment, which is conducive to promoting the commercialization and large-scale production of grinder fixture itself, and ultimately reducing costs.

4、The flexibility of the variable fixture is to transform the non detachable mechanism into the detachable mechanism by scientific design of the fixture structure, so that it can meet the needs of various processes through its own combination and adjustment, that is to say, a fixture can meet the needs of various work piece mounting after its own disassembly and modification. Only in constant cooperation can CNC Internal Grinder and fixture make common progress, and in the area of rapid development of manufacturing industry, column heel.