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Detailed introduction of basic configuration of compound grinding machine with robot hand

Oct 25, 2017

 The compund grinder with robot hand is a kind of machine can finish several different grinding works at the same time, not only improves the production efficiency and processing precision, but also greatly reduce the manual, for the user to save a lot of cost. Here is a detailed introduction of the basic configuration of the compound grinding machine with robat hand.
Robot hand composite grinder adopts optimal structure,  stable design, high rigidity, also has good processing range; the grinding diameter can reach from 4 to 320mm, can cover the basic processing needs of the workpiece commonly used. Because the equipment adopts advanced linear slide rail and ball screw rod, it is not only high precision, high rigidity, but also can ensure the long-term operation of the machine tool.

Robotic arm compound grinders.jpg

Robotic arm compound grinder

Especially the robot hand configuration, traditional artificial feeding wil bel replaced , it improves the safety of operation, as well as the machining precision of traditional composite grinding machine, and speed up the process, in order to increase the processing capacity of this grinding machine.
In addition, the robot hand of composite grinder can also be costomized according to customer’s demand, for example, its work head can be rotated, the rotation angle is -5 degrees to 30 degrees, it can be convenient for the multi angle grinding task; feeding speed of working table can be adjusted, it makes the cutting precision higher.
In the manipulator compound grinder, automatic oiling machine is also equipped, 4L solution can be installed, no longer need to add oil frequently, to achieve long-term continuous work. Mechanical hand composite grinder with powerful function and high automation level, has become the preferred machine tool parts processing.