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Describe the classification and maintenance requirements of cylindrical grinders

Jan 04, 2021

In addition to the traditional surface grinding function, it can evolve into external circle, curve, tool, centerless and other grinding machines based on large parts such as flat grinding bed, carriage, table and grinding head.

The types of cylindrical grinders can basically be divided into popular and economical types. It is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The cylindrical grinding is driven by two shafts. Two cylinders are used to control the feed of the grinding wheel holder and the table respectively. The grinder is manually controlled by the change of the dial. In the processing and measurement, the measurement is also used. The instrument is manually controlled. Servo drive is used to replace the cylinder drive of the ordinary grinder, and the linkage control is realized through the servo system and cooperated with the online measuring instrument, and the linear grating realizes the overall closed-loop control.

The guide rail automatic lubrication device regularly and quantitatively supplies oil to the guide rails and ball screws of each axis to ensure that the key parts of the machine tool are kept in a lubricated state during operation and reduce wear. And in the daily operation of the machine tool, if the guide rail oil volume is lower than the limit value, the machine tool will automatically alarm and stop, reminding the customer to add guide rail oil as soon as possible, so as to avoid the guide rail wear or scratch due to lack of oil.