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Daily maintenance and working process of CNC grinder machines

Mar 29, 2019

The loading of the CNC grinder machines must comply with the regulations. It is necessary to confirm the good condition after the operation, and then prepare to drive the car. When machining the workpiece, the grease, dirt and dust on the workpiece must be removed in advance; the material according to the workpiece is reasonable. It is strictly forbidden to grind the workpiece blank by selecting the grinding wheel and the grinding amount.

In the process of working, the CNC grinder machines is strictly forbidden to leave the grinding machine during operation or to be a person in charge. If it is necessary to leave due to power outage or other reasons, the wheel should be stopped after leaving the workpiece. When restarting the grinding machine, it should be confirmed that there is no abnormality in each part and the vehicle is allowed to drive.

During the working process, the CNC grinder machines needs to pay attention to the state of each transmission part. For example, whether the oil temperature and oil pressure are normal, whether the coolant is smoothly and accurately poured onto the workpiece, whether the temperature of the oil pump and the motor is normal, whether there is any abnormality or abnormal sound, Whether the operation handles are in the correct position, whether the fastening parts are loosely displaced or the like. It is forbidden to place metal objects on the work surface and the painted surface.

CNC grinder machines are forbidden to tap, disassemble and straighten workpieces on the work surface and bed. After an accident occurs in the grinding machine, the site should be kept on site, the power supply should be cut off, promptly reported, and properly disposed of. After the work is finished, the grinding wheel should be retracted from the workpiece, the total power supply should be cut off, and the handles should be placed in the empty position to restore the normal state of the grinding machine and to carry out daily maintenance.