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Daily maintenance and Maintenance precautions

Apr 17, 2017

Daily maintenance and Maintenance precautions

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Grinding machine to be responsible for the maintenance and use, do the periodic maintenance to ensure that the machine is in good condition.

1 the operation is completed, parts everywhere, especially the sliding parts, should wipe clean after the oil.

2 Remove grinding bits from all parts of the grinding machine.

3 Anti-rust paint in the necessary parts.

Precautions of using the above grinder maintenance:

1 before grinding, adjust the balance of the grinding wheel.

2Choose the hardness of grinding wheel depending on the material.

3 the spindle end and the wheel flange should be coated with thin oil film to prevent rust.

4 please pay attention to the direction of spindle rotation.

5 prohibit the use of air guns to clean things and machines.

6 please pay attention to whether the oil window is smooth.

7 Clean vacuum cleaner and filter steel once a week.

8 when the suction force is weak, please check whether the dust section tube is clogged  with powder.

9 keep the suction pipe clean, otherwise it will cause combustion.

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