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Cylindrical grinding machine starts the grinding wheel process every time

Feb 18, 2021

Specific operation instructions of cylindrical grinder:

1. Before starting the grinding wheel each time, the hydraulic opening and stopping valve should be placed in the stop position, the adjustment handle should be placed at the lowest speed position, and the wheel seat fast feed handle should be placed in the backward position to avoid accidents.

2. Before starting the grinding wheel each time, the lubrication pump or the oil pump of the static pressure oil supply system should be started, and the grinding wheel can be started only after the grinding wheel spindle is lubricated (the spindle is bearing type, this process is unnecessary).

3. At the beginning of grinding, the feed rate should be small and the cutting speed should be slow to prevent the grinding wheel from cracking due to cold brittleness, especially when the temperature is low in winter.

4. Before grinding, the distance between the grinding wheel and the workpiece should be adjusted to prevent the grinding wheel from colliding with the workpiece when the grinding wheel seat quickly approaches. When the grinding wheel is rapidly approaching the workpiece, motorized feeding is not allowed, and no big knife is allowed. Pay attention to the protruding corners of the workpiece to prevent collision.

5. When the temperature of the grinding wheel spindle exceeds 60°C, the equipment must be turned off and work again after the temperature returns to normal.

6. It is not allowed to use the grinding wheel of a grinder as an ordinary grinder to grind things.

7. Turn off the cooling pump after work, and turn off the grinding wheel after running the grinding wheel idling for a few minutes to dry the coolant.

8. Before use, check whether the rail oiler is working properly.

9. When correcting the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel seat should be quickly introduced before the correction of the grinding wheel

10. Before the external cylindrical grinder starts the grinding wheel, the reversing handle must be placed on the position where the grinding wheel leaves the workpiece to avoid accidents.

11. Before operation, wear tight-fitting protective clothing, fasten the cuffs, and do not open the hem of the jacket. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves. Do not take off your clothes or wrap your clothes around the machine to prevent the machine from being twisted. You must wear a helmet, braids should be placed inside the hat, no skirts, slippers.

12. Operators are prohibited from leaving the grinder during work. If you have to leave due to power failure or other reasons, you should stop the grinding wheel after leaving the workpiece, and restart the grinder. Make sure that there are no abnormalities in all parts before opening.

13. It is forbidden to knock, disassemble and straighten the workpiece on the worktable and bed

14. It is forbidden to place metal objects on the work surface and painted surface.

15. It is strictly forbidden to use compressed air to clean the equipment, so as to prevent debris from entering the guide rail and affecting the service life of the machine tool.