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Cylindrical grinding machine

Mar 04, 2019

The cylindrical grinding machine has three specific types: a plunge cylindrical grinder, an end cylindrical grinder and a universal cylindrical grinder.

Plunge-type cylindrical grinding machine: If the length of the grinding part of the workpiece is smaller than the width of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel only needs to perform continuous transverse feeding without relative axial movement. The main advantage of this type of cylindrical grinding machine is its high production efficiency.

End face grinding machine: The grinding wheel in the grinding machine is inclined at an angle around the vertical axis, and the surface of the grinding wheel is trimmed into two grinding faces parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the workpiece, and the outer circle and the shaft of the workpiece can be simultaneously ground. The shoulder end is generally used in mass production.

Universal Cylindrical Grinder: The grinding wheel frame of the grinding machine is equipped with an internal grinding attachment. The grinding wheel frame and the head frame can be adjusted at an angle around the vertical axis. Moreover, in addition to the dial rotation, the spindle can also be rotated. For specific applications, it can be used to grind inner and outer taper surfaces with large taper and can be used in small and medium batch and single piece production.