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Cylindrical grinder for shaft parts processing

Feb 12, 2021

Cylindrical grinding machine consists of bed, worktable, headstock, grinding wheel, internal grinding head, grinding wheel holder and tailstock

Bed The bed is used to install various parts. The upper part has a worktable and a grinding wheel frame, and a hydraulic transmission system is installed inside. The guide rail on the bed is for the movement of the worktable, and the horizontal guide rail is for the movement of the wheel carriage.

The working table has two layers. The lower working table reciprocates longitudinally along the guide rail of the bed, and the upper working table can rotate at a certain angle relative to the lower working table to facilitate grinding of the conical surface.

Headstock There is a spindle on the headstock, and the end of the spindle can be installed with a dial or a chuck to clamp the workpiece and drive it to rotate. The main shaft is driven to rotate by a separate motor through a belt-driven speed change mechanism, so that the workpiece can obtain different rotation speeds. The headstock can be deflected at a certain angle in the horizontal plane. Internal grinding head The internal grinding head is used to grind the inner surface. An internal grinding wheel can be installed on its main shaft, and another motor drives the internal grinding head to rotate around the support.

The grinding wheel frame is used for installing the grinding wheel, and is equipped with a separate motor, which drives the grinding wheel to rotate at a high speed through a belt drive. The wheel carriage can move laterally on the guide rail at the back of the bed.

The sleeve of the tailstock is used to support the other end of the workpiece. The tailstock can be moved longitudinally on the workbench, and the lever on the tailstock can be pulled, and the sleeve can be extended or retracted to facilitate loading and unloading of the workpiece.