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Control function of CNC cylindrical grinding machine and the composition of worktable

Dec 09, 2017

The numerical control cylindrical grinder mainly adopts the mechanical and electrical integration structure layout during the production process. The whole equipment adopts the work area or the overall protection, so that it can be maintained easily in use, and meets the requirements of ergonomics. The spindle of the grinding wheel of the CNC cylindrical grinding machine has high rotation precision and strong rigidity. The speed of the grinding wheel line is up to 60m/s, and the line speed of the CBN grinding wheel can reach 80m/s.
CNC cylindrical grinder can choose the diamond dressing device in various forms in a certain extent, it can realize the precise NC dressing in a certain extent, and automatic compensation. The active measuring device is configured to realize full closed loop control of grinding process.

MK1620 Universal external   Large cylindrical grinding machine  cylindrical grinde.jpg

The CNC system of CNC cylindrical grinder has the program transformation of grinding process. Under the general circumstances, it can control the work quality of the workpiece and monitor the state of the machine, the fault diagnosis and the abnormal alarm of the whole equipment. The menu interface is easy to input.
The numerical control cylindrical grinder's bed is a box shaped structure casting. When it is used, the front part of the lathe body mainly acts on the oil pool. Its electrical equipment will be placed on the rear right part of the lathe bed, and the oil pump device is installed on the wall behind the lathe bed.
The worktable of the CNC cylindrical grinding machine is mainly composed of top surface and lower table. The inner six angle screws of the table two plate are relaxed and the handle is rotated. The upper table can be rotated within the specified range to adjust the taper of the workpiece. When the upper level is transferred to the desired angle, the internal six angle screws of the two press plate should be tightened so that the grinding can be made. The sign on the right plate has two scales, one is the taper, and the other is the proportion. When the rotation of the upper surface is greater than 6 degrees, the wheel frame must turn to a certain angle so as to avoid collision between the tail frame and the wheel frame.