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Composite material grinding machine operation method

Apr 25, 2019

When the composite material grinding machine stops working, cut off the power supply, clean the equipment, and do the equipment maintenance work. Safety Operation Procedure Before starting the machine, check the tightening screws and check whether the motor shaft is flexible. When the equipment is in operation, it should be stopped if it finds an abnormality. Every 6 months, the grease filling of the bearing of the vibration motor or rotating shaft should be filled with lithium grease. 

When the main machine of the composite material grinding machine is running at an empty load, the steel wire rope of the grinding roller device should be tightened to avoid contact between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. If the condition is unconditional, the grinding roller device can also be disassembled. The test load of the main engine should be stable and the maximum temperature of the lubricating oil should not exceed 80 °C. The temperature rise must not exceed 40 °C. The size of the bevel gear of the analyzer should be smooth, no abnormal sound, and ensure the smooth flow of the oil. The blower should observe the direction of rotation. There should be no abnormal sound and vibration. The maximum temperature of the rolling bearing should not exceed 70 °C, and the temperature rise should not exceed 35 °C. 

It is proved by the air load test operation that the test operation can be carried out only when the components of °C can work normally. Meet the test run time of not less than 8h (hours). The mill should work normally, and the transmission part must not have abnormal sound and shock vibration.