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Components introduction of precision centerless grinding machine

Nov 27, 2017

The structure of precision centerless grinding machine can be divided into five parts. The centerless grinding machine bed is mainly used for supporting and mounting parts. The upper longitudinal guide rail is equipped with a worktable, which can guide the longitudinal reciprocating movement, and the transverse guide rail is equipped with a grinding wheel frame to guide the radial penetration movement.

Normally, the worktable of the precision centerless grinding machine can be divided into two layers, and the worktable on the upper layer can deflect in a certain range, so as to grind the cone surface. Under the table, also equipped with a rod piston,  to drive the operation of the worktable with hydraulic mechanism.

The precision centerless grinding machine also contains a grinding wheel rack, and also equipped with a grinding wheel, which is usually driven by a single motor to rotate at high speed. Usually, the grinding wheel rack is placed on the transverse guide of the bed. The user can choose manual or hydraulic transmission mode for lateral movement.

In addition, the wheel guide frame and the knife seat beside it are installed. The cutter holder is mainly used to adjust the grinding workpiece in the direction of the grinding wheel frame by feeding handwheel. It should be noted that the operator in the use of precision centerless grinder, must be skilled in its operation sequence and skills.

In actual operation, want users to be able to effectively grasp on the precision Centerless Grinder operation requirements, including the "Three Goods" on behalf of the good management, good use and good maintenance; and on the "four can", refers to can use, can maintenance, can inspection, can eliminate common fault. In addition, before the use of precision centerless grinding machine, attention should also be paid to the movement of its various directions.