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Compared with horizontal lathes, what measures have been taken to ensure the quality of processing?

Jun 09, 2020

In terms of transmission, there are three measures:

(1) The main movement of the grinding wheel rotation, usually the motor directly drives the grinding wheel spindle to rotate through the V-belt;

(2) Workpiece circular feed motion. , Usually driven by a single-speed or multi-speed asynchronous motor through the tower gear shifting mechanism:

(3) The longitudinal feeding movement force of the workpiece is usually hydraulically driven to ensure the stability of the movement and facilitate the automation of stepless speed regulation and reciprocating motion cycle.

In terms of structure, the front and rear supports of the grinding wheel spindle use "short three-watt" dynamic pressure sliding bearings: the grinding wheel housing is filled with lubricating oil to lubricate the spindle bearing, and the oil level can be observed through the oil mark; both ends of the spindle are realized with rubber oil seals Sealing: a protective cover is installed around the grinding wheel: the pulley on the main shaft adopts an unloading structure to reduce the bending deformation of the main shaft: the tailstock of the small and medium cylindrical grinding machine generally preloads the workpiece with spring force to facilitate the workpiece during the grinding process When extended due to thermal expansion, it can automatically compensate to avoid bending deformation of the workpiece and excessive wear of the top hole.