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Common types and characteristics of internal cylindrical grinding machines

Sep 05, 2017

The use of internal grinder we have been very clear, it is mainly used for grinding the inner cylindrical hole, conical or other shapes of the work piece and the end; it is not only because the internal grinder is powerful, but also in case of the diversified types to select, including ordinary internal grinder, planetary one, centerless one, coordinate grinder and the one for special purpose etc.. The internal grinder can be divided into two types: horizontal and vertical, according to the different configuration of the grinding wheel.

Although they all belong to the internal grinder, and the use is similar, but different types of structure design are also different, as well as the applicable scope, so the majority of users need learn how to select correctly and reasonable in the selection of internal grinder.

For example, General internal grinder , it makes the head moving transversely mainly resulted from the circular feed motion of the work piece clamped by the spindle chuck fixed in  the head , and the vertical reciprocating movement of the grinding wheel diven by work table along the rail. But during the grindign of the planetary grinder, the work piece is fixed and the grinding wheel rotated around the shaft line of grinded hole except do hte high-speed rotating around its axis, to achieve the circular feeding, so such internal grinder is applicable for grinding the large work piece or no rotating ones, such as internal combustion engines.

Centerless internal grinder is a common internal grinder, the outcircle of the workpiece is supported on the roller or bearing block during working, and the workpiece end face is sucked and rotated by a magnetic chuck, to ensure the concentricity of the internal and external cylindricty. It has obvious advantages in mass production, because of its high degree of automation, so it can effectively complete the grinding of large quantities of products.

In addition to these, they also have something in common as internal grinding machines, such as a quick - motion mechanism and a mid stop mechanism, in order to exit the grinding wheel for measurement or trimming to reduce the auxiliary time. Therefore, the internal grinder's worktable starts with a safety interlock to ensure the safety of loading and unloading and measuring work.

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