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Common faults and removal methods of CNC cylindrical grinders

May 13, 2017

Chatter(such as lamellar and diagonal pattern) appeared during the cylindrical grinding,
There’s same problem on CNC high speed cylindrical and end surface grinding machine.
the main causes of the problems: (1)the contace of the fixed joint surface of the diamond knife seat is not good;

Model MK1632 End surface   CNC external grinder  CNC cylindrical grinding grinder.jpg

(2) the clearance of spindle of grinding wheel rack is over the tolerance.
(3) the parameter of the grinding head rotation speed and the grinding wheel trimming speed has been improperly chosen.;
(4) the type of grinding wheel selected does not match the material of the work piece to be machined.
(1) when scraping the diamond knife holder again, it will be a good combination. When it is fastened, the diamond knife head shall be measured. When moving, it shall not exceed 0.01mm, and the diamond knife’s sharpness shall be taken into consideration;
(2) the clearance(including radial and axial) of the dynamic and static pressure spindle of the grinding wheel should be within the prescribed range (radial: 0.027 ~ 0.03mm, axial: less than 0.02mm), at the same time, the static pressure should generally be controled between15kg ~ 18kg / C M, whether the dynamic pressure is established, the fuel injection of the hole.
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