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Common defects and problems in Internal Grinding machine tool

Jul 18, 2019

In the internal circular grinding, it is often seen that the grinding surface is rough, the grinding marks are deep, and sometimes there are some phenomena such as surface galling in the hole wall and so on. This is due to the deviation of the grinding rod (connecting shaft) of the internal grinder and the excessive clearance of the grinding head bearing, resulting in the sloshing of the grinding wheel in the process of grinding, resulting in no round and smooth dressing of the grinding wheel, resulting in rough surface and surface galling of the work piece.

The method to prevent this kind of defect is to disassemble the grinding rod, extend the lever dial meter into the spindle cone hole, and then use the hand disk drive belt to check the spindle rotation accuracy according to whether the indicator pointer is stable or not. If there is a bias, it shows that there is something wrong with the bearing of the grinding head. If unbiased, the grinding rod will be loaded, and then point to the grinding rod near the end of the grinding wheel, measure whether the grinding rod is bent (the general grinding rod is allowed to be biased in the 0.05mm). In addition to the above two points to ensure the improvement of grinding surface roughness, attention must also be paid to the accurate selection of grinding wheel and dressing wheel.