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CNC Tool Cutter Grinder product purchase requirements and safe operating procedures

Mar 23, 2019

CNC Tool Cutter Grinder, which is a combination of CNC grinding machine and tool grinding machine, so it can be considered as a CNC grinding machine and can be regarded as a tool grinding machine. It is to learn and master the relevant knowledge in order to be correct. And use this kind of grinding machine reasonably to avoid wrong operation and use.


1. Does the product selection of CNC tool grinding machines need attention? Is there a requirement?

The purchase of CNC tool grinding machines, from a professional point of view, because of the choice of the grinding machine and the normal use of it, it is necessary to pay attention and take it seriously, so that you have the right choice and the right product.


In the purchase of this product, there are specific requirements, which are: should consider all relevant factors, and can not miss the necessary considerations, after comprehensive and comprehensive consideration of these factors, in order to have an accurate judgment and Choose the right one, and then choose the right product for you. In addition, the product has different ways to purchase, you should choose the appropriate way according to your actual situation and conditions, so as to avoid the wrong choice.


2. Application and characteristics of CNC tool grinding machine

CNC tool grinding machine, which is used for grinding various tools, such as reamer, forming cutter, triangle chisel and bullhead planer, in addition, it can sharpen the cutting edge and groove of metal cutting tool. . Therefore, it has more applications in certain industries and fields, and the characteristics of this type of grinding machine are:


(1) The grinding machine can adopt a fully enclosed structure without an external device, and has a built-in cooling circulation device and an oil mist recovery device.

(2) The guide rail of the grinding machine can adopt the ball linear guide to have a long service life. In the control, it can adopt six-axis CNC numerical control automatic control to realize the automation of equipment operation. In addition, the rail and ball screw pair can be fully automated with a timed lubrication system to simplify lubrication.


2. Safety operation rules for CNC tool grinding machines

(1) The equipment should be inspected and lubricated before starting, mainly for important parts and important parts. In terms of lubrication, lubrication should be in place and fully lubricated.

(2) Start the grinding wheel to the normal acceleration in jog mode, then idle for 5 minutes to check if the grinding wheel rotates normally. In addition, the grinding wheel is strictly prohibited from overspeed.

(3) The appropriate amount of grinding should be determined and the equipment must not be overloaded.

(4) When the equipment is turned on, the grinding wheel cannot be positioned in front of the front; when the work is finished, the workpiece must be taken out after the grinding wheel is returned to the original position and stopped.