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CNC Precision Surface Grinding Machine CNC system features:

Feb 24, 2019

In the CNC surface grinder, it is definitely a system with a numerical control system, otherwise it is impossible to perform numerical control operations. In this system, LCD blue screen LCD display and PLC software can be used, the international standard numerical control language-ISO code standard is used, and the grinding instruction for CNC surface grinder is developed to simplify the programming steps and simplify the operation, making it easy for the operator to master. . In addition, the system can be matched with a variety of PTFE drive units, and semi-closed loop control is used to achieve control, further achieving stable control. The characteristics of the CNC surface grinder CNC system are:

(1) The standard configuration of the system controllable number axis is two axes, but can be expanded to three axes, plus a hydraulic axis.

(2) Standard ISO code block, relative/absolute programming and grinder-specific instructions.

(3) The slow progress and smoothing speed of the grinding machine can be performed, and the speed can be adjusted in real time.

(4) On the protection device, there are position tolerance protection, software/hardware overtravel protection and driver alarm detection.

(5) It is possible to perform macro variable and macro definition programming to realize various logical relationships. In addition, automatic wheel dressing and correction of the grinding size can be achieved.