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CNC machine tool grinding wheel spindle often breaks down. Have you considered the possible reason for poor dynamic balance of grinding wheel

Dec 21, 2018


If the grinding wheel is in an unbalanced state during the working period, the vibration will continue to transmit to the mechanical parts of the grinder, especially the spindle and bearing, which may deteriorate the working condition of these mechanical parts for a period of time until they are completely damaged.


Wheel balancing system has become an economical and simple solution to this problem. When the quality of high-precision products needs to be guaranteed, the unbalanced amount of grinding wheel must be limited to a certain range through the balancing system.

Usually, the balance of grinding wheel is achieved by setting the counterweight block in the appropriate position of the flange of the grinding wheel manually by the operator. Obviously, this requires operation skills and a long time to complete this operation.


However,The grinding wheel can also be automatically and effectively balanced by the automatic balancing device of the grinding wheel installed on the equipment. It has various advantages that are advanced to manual mode, such as more accurate balancing, shorter balancing time (only a few seconds), complete automatic balancing cycle, no skill requirement for the operator, flexible parameter setting, and so on. Constant vibration control during service life.