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CNC internal grinding machine, high precision internal machining

Oct 24, 2019

CNC, CNC machining. It is used to process more complex parts and requires high quality parts.

In the gods list, "Jiang Taigong fishing, willing to hook", the story is said that Jiang Taigong fishing bait is higher than the water surface, and a story with automatic hook. The story is meaningful and worthy of thinking about it. It can be seen that people in ancient times also like fishing, but the fishing rods, fishing lures and other fishing tackles he used are not as advanced as we are now. At that time, he could only use bamboo poles, and most of the fishing tackles used for fishing nowadays use carbon fiber and other high-strength alloy materials. The strength is good, the quality is light, the space is small, and the carrying is convenient. It is a must-have fishing tool for fishing and fishing.

Modern fishing rods are easy to carry and of good quality. So how did he process it? Modern fishing rods are empty inside, so we need to machine the inner holes, and because of the special nature of the materials, ordinary machine tools can not be processed. Ordinary machine tools have a long processing cycle, and the pass rate is not the same as that of the CNC internal grinding machine. Therefore, we have to use our CNC internal grinding machine to process this high precision inner hole. It can be seen that the application of CNC internal grinding machine in daily life is inseparable from our daily life.

CNC internal grinding machine is mainly used for machining with high precision and small surface roughness value, indicating good quality parts. Processing is convenient and fast. The operator only needs the machining pattern of the parts to program the machining program into the CNC machine tool to realize the automatic machining of the parts. Therefore, the CNC internal grinding machine is also suitable for our large-scale production and processing of parts, and the characteristics of short cycle, high efficiency and low cost are favored by many users.