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CNC grinding machine system, the difference between domestic and foreign

Jul 24, 2017

At present, the distribution pattern of the domestic machine tool numerical control system on the market, in the high-end system area mainly prefers foreign systems, such as SIEMENS, FANUC, MITSUBISHI and so on; low system dominated by domestic systems, such as Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan CNC manufacturers. At present, Changyi CNC grinding machines all adopt German SIEMENS systems

Robotic arm compound grinders.jpg

                                              MKF2115 Robotic arm compound grinders

Foreign high-end CNC systems are better than domestic products in high-speed and high precision performance, and its average failure free time is 4 times what the domestic product is. The backwardness of the domestic electronic basic industry determines the weak performance of the high-grade CNC system in our country.
In addition to the CNC system level gap, the weakness of the key parts also limits the height of domestic machine tools. In some machine tool exhibition, we also can see the application of SIEMENS FANUC CNC system on the domestic high-end machine, compared with the foreign machines assembled with the same "brains", Our machine rotation speed only 1/3 of the abroad, the error range is 5 times that of the foreign country.
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