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CNC cylindrical grinding machine characteristics in?

Apr 05, 2017

CNC cylindrical grinding machine, following small series will focus on the structural characteristics and features to expand and to explain, so that you can learn further, thus there is broader awareness and understanding of it. And, to do so, but also to increase our knowledge of the product, can be said to be good, it should be taken seriously and is.

CNC cylindrical grinding machine, its structure and characteristics, the main are:

(1) the Grinder's bed, is the use of shark fin-shaped ribs, rigid, can be used for a long time.

(2) in its work, is moved by a servo-motor driven ball screw, so it runs smooth and reliable.

(3) the linear speed of the grinding wheel, usually less than 35m/s, and high grinding efficiency. The wheel, its minimum resolution, can be reached 0.0005mm.

(4) first subparagraph can realize stepless in order to meet the different requirements of grinding.