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Classification of cylindrical grinding machine

Apr 05, 2017

1, the common cylindrical Grinder: most universal cylindrical grinder, processing of roughness value Ra Ra0.4.

2, CNC cylindrical grinding machine: CNC cylindrical grinders are programmed according to processing requirements in advance, and instructions issued by the control system of numerical information processing, mainly used for grinding of cylindrical and conical surface grinding machine. CNC cylindrical grinding machine has a universal, high degree of modularity, high precision, high rigidity, high efficiency and high characteristics of adaptability.

3, high precision cylindrical Grinder: than ordinary cylindrical grinding machine can greatly improve the efficiency and machining of workpiece quality, thereby reducing labor costs.

4, General cylindrical grinding machine model: M1320-520,M1320-750,M1332B-1000,M1332B-1500,M1332B-2000.

5, universal cylindrical grinding machine model: M1420-520,M1420-750,M1432B-1000,M1432B-1500,M1432B-2000