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China's internal grinder industry changed its growth mode and continued to strive for development.

Mar 20, 2020

At present, China's market has become an international market. The internal grinder industry can not only maintain the situation of large import and small export and export of general products. We must go to the international market, speed up the pace of international cooperation, rapidly expand the international market share of centerless internal grinder, and make the industry stronger and bigger. Otherwise, it is difficult for the internal grinder industry to achieve rapid integration with the international in technology, economy, talent, trade and other aspects. If we do not advance, we will retreat. If we do not develop, we will die. Therefore, expanding the international market share is an important strategic task for the internal grinder industry in the future.

 Therefore, the development of the industry must lead from the speed type to the benefit type, from the extensive extension type to the intensive connotation type. The internal grinder product market with low technology level is gradually contracting. The products with poor quality will certainly have no market in the future, and the enterprises without benefit will not survive in the future. The internal grinder enterprises must speed up the reform and reorganization in the industry, and find new development ideas, otherwise it is impossible to make a difference.

Since the country strengthened the macro adjustment, the user departments of the internal grinder industry have been continuously adjusting the product structure, which requires us to provide a large number of efficient centerless internal grinder. If the industry of the internal grinder did not vigorously develop the centerless internal grinder in the past few years, today we will fall into a very difficult situation. Therefore, we should be more active in relying on technological innovation, accelerating the development of new CNC products, promoting the industrialization process, and creating more enterprise and social benefits for users.