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Characteristics of CNC internal grinder/grinding machine tool

Dec 06, 2017

*CNC internal grinder for two axis CNC horizontal internal grinding machine tool, once clamping, inner hole, small end face, multiple stepped holes can all be grinded.

* internal grinding machine adopts high power electric grinding head, using a static frequency converter drive.

* all the guide rails use Rexroth roller guide from German with high precision and high vibration resistance.

*Control system of the internal grinding machine adopts SIEMENS feed shaft by SIEMENS servo motor and ball screw.

The workpiece spindle adopts a high precision and large contact pairs of angular ball bearings, the workpiece speed AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

This machine guide rail and ball screw rod by the lubricating station automatic lubrication. And there are sealed housing protection.

The machine can be equipped with cylinder as the power source of the fixture basin gear with multi pitch circle positioning automatic fixture and special fixture.

This machine size control using constant grinding, optional grating ruler equipment can realize the closed-loop control.

This cooling liquid filter using magnetic and paper precision filtering device.

MK215  CNC Precision internal Grinding machine.jpg