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Characteristics of CNC grinding machines from China, Germany and Japan

Jul 01, 2017

CNC grinding machine in china:
At present, many enterprises in China have developed CNC grinding machine of high precision (such as: automotive crankshaft grinder CNC camshaft grinding machine, servo CNC grinding machine etc.), these are mostly applied in automobile industry and the automobile Supporting industry, but there is a certain gap between the CNC grinding machine in our country and abroad international level in applicability, reliability and accuracy the stability and the international level there is a certain gap.


                                                                          CNC grinder

CNC grinder:in German
Germany has DMG, Walter, SAACKE HG and Michael Deckel.
Its characteristics are:
1. high efficiency.
2. compound grinding process.
3., high machining accuracy
4. modular.
5., intelligent, high degree of automation.
CNC grinder: in Japan
Since the 70s of last century, Japan has introduced a large number of Germany advanced technology, through its own efforts and research and development, from the beginning of the last century in 90s, gradually surpassed Germany, has become the world's largest manufacturer of CNC grinding machines.They have .TOYO and IDEC brand.
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