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Centerless grinder work

Apr 05, 2017

Application method of centerless grinding grinding of Rotary surface grinder, usually cylindrical centerless grinding machines. Centerless cylindrical grinding machine (see figure), without top centering and supporting the workpiece, but placed between the wheels and guide wheels, by the pallet and wheel bearing. Wheel mounted on the spindle end, of a width greater than 250 mm wheel is mounted on the spindle of the Central wheel maximum width up to 900 mm. For grinding wheel spinning, guide rollers rotate in the same direction at a slower speed, drive the workpiece rotating in a circular feed. When through-feed grinding, by adjusting the tilt angle to the axis of the wheel axis feed, suitable for grinding of thin cylindrical workpieces, short and without center hole parts, and so on. Plunge-cut grinding time, achieved through wheel or wheel moved to radial feed, suitable for grinding of workpieces with a shoulder or lug, and cone, sphere or other line is curved workpieces. Higher productivity of centerless grinding machines, plus a variety of automation after loading/unloading device, mostly intended for mass production, but by less skilled workers to operate. Precision Centerless grinder grinding is generally: round 2 microns, size 4 micron, high-precision Centerless grinder to reach 0.5 μm and 2 μm, respectively. In addition to Centerless internal grinding and Centerless grinders, etc.

Centerless grinding machines can be automatically trimmed and automatically compensates. Stator feed Rails for twin v-type needle roller guide wheel, servo motor feeding, dressing complements. Machine is equipped with automatic loading/unloading mechanism, can carry out automatic circular grinding.