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Centerless grinder processing methods

Apr 05, 2017

There are three methods of grinding Centerless cylindrical grinding machine through type, cut and cut into one-through-style, through centerless grinding. Along the axis of the wheel into the workpiece to grinding. Adjust the wheel axis small angle to achieve axial feeding of the workpiece. Suitable for grinding of thin cylindrical workpieces. Non-central hole short and cover parts, etc. Plunge-centerless grinding. Axial location of fulcrums on the pallet and workpiece supported on the Board on certain positions, to cut into the grinding wheel or wheel. For grinding workpieces with a shoulder or lug and cone, sphere or other rotating workpiece. Cut through centerless grinding is the composite of the two. In addition, there are tangential-feed grinding and stepped piece in axial and back end-feed grinding. Centerless cylindrical grinder high production rates. Used for mass production and easy to automate.

Characteristics of Centerless cylindrical grinding machines Centerless cylindrical grinding machine performance compared with ordinary cylindrical grinding machine has the following features.

1, continuous processing, no need to retract, clamping the workpiece shorter replication time and high productivity.

2, bracket and wheel positioning mechanism than the common cylindrical grinder top, Center frame support good rigidity and cutting can be large, and processing in favour of long shaft parts, easy to realize high speed heavy grinding and grinding.

3 cylindrical, Centerless cylindrical grinding machine workpiece positioning in the positioning mechanism, grinding is the diameter of the workpiece on the margin, grinding wheel wear and feeding mechanism of compensation and cut the repeat position precision of error effect of diameter of workpiece size accuracy. Only half of the common cylindrical grinder, without Center bore, and easy to implement, cutting automation.

4, wide grinding wheel Grinder by type institution every time, can be used to increase the machining, in plunge grinding of complex surfaces can be followed by grinding or more grinding, high capacity, wide application range.

5 no guarantee the grinding, Centerless cylindrical grinding machine with a non-relative position of the grinding surface (concentricity, perpendicularity, etc) agencies, grinding the circumferential outer surface of intermittent roundness is poor.

6, easy to produce odd edge roundness on grinding surface, such as large often creates illusion of measurements less than the maximum physical dimensions and Assembly quality and performance impact.

7, the machine more complex, time consuming, adjustment should be washed every different diameter of the workpiece carrier height and distance and the relevant process parameters. So the adjustment is difficult, not suitable for production of small batch and single.