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Basic knowledge of CNC internal grinding machine

Jul 26, 2019

CNC internal grinding machines are divided into ordinary internal grinding machines and universal internal grinding machines. The CNC internal grinding machine produced by CNC internal grinding machine is a widely used grinding machine. On the CNC internal grinding machine, the inner cylindrical surface, the inner conical surface and the stepped shaft end surface of various shaft and sleeve type workpieces can be ground. The main part of the CNC internal grinding machine is the bed. The bed is the basic support of the grinding machine, and is equipped with a grinding wheel frame, a work table, a head frame, a tailstock and a lateral sliding saddle. Keep these parts in exact relative position while working. The inside of the bed is used as an oil pool for hydraulic oil.

For the grinding machine of CNC internal grinding machine, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar, because it is an important and main product in the website, so in its study, it is sure to meet the comprehensive and specific requirements. Therefore, based on this specific requirement, and in order to promote the learning process of the CNC internal grinding machine, the following will be carried out, based on the previous ones, so that everyone can get some new knowledge.

1. What are the relevant knowledge contents of the CNC internal grinding machine that we must know and firmly grasp?

CNC internal grinding machine is a kind of grinding machine. For learners, it must be known and firmly mastered. The main ones are:

(1) The reciprocating direction changing valve in the CNC internal grinding machine guarantees its sensitivity. And, the stroke stop of the stroke is adjusted according to the length of the workpiece grinding, rather than being adjusted at will. Moreover, it should be fastened and secured so that the CNC internal grinding machine can have a good effect.

(2) The initial infeed of the CNC internal grinding machine is to be carried out slowly, remembering that the speed cannot be too fast. Also, when measuring the workpiece with a plug gauge or meter, the grinding wheel on the grinding machine should be withdrawn from the workpiece and stopped. In addition, a certain safety distance should be maintained between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, so that the safety of the operation can be ensured.

(3) If the grinding wheel is broken when grinding the workpiece, then the grinding wheel cannot be immediately withdrawn, but should be stopped first, and then solved.

2. What are the processing of the CNC internal grinding machine, which can be carried out very well?

If the CNC internal grinding machine is processed with this equipment, then it is mainly grinding. Moreover, the grinding of the numerically controlled internal grinding machine is mainly for the grinding of through holes, blind holes, tapered holes and stepped holes, as well as end faces, tapered surfaces, and spherical surfaces.

3. Internal grinding machine, if it has a taper problem, what does it mean?

If the taper problem occurs on the CNC internal grinding machine, then the accuracy of the use of the CNC internal grinding machine is reduced. At this time, it needs to be adjusted to eliminate the taper in time. The operator can achieve this by adjusting the grinding tool appropriately.